Belt Drive!

[Dave's Vulcan pic]

[bullet] This is one of my early prototypes from 1998. It's very nice to no longer worry about adjustment, lubrication, etc. My rear tire stays clean between washes, and the belt drive is nearly silent. It has been through MANY revisions and refinements since '98, and is now found on Vulcan 800's all over the world.

[bullet] Currently, I have over 136,000 miles on my Vulcan 800 (as of 2/4/2019), and it's had a belt drive system since it was 17,000 miles old. It's extremly smooth, and I love the reduction in engine RPM's with the ratio change. The bike sounds more relaxed, and I'm much happier from a maintenance standpoint. The typical engine RPMs at 60 mph is now 3990, as opposed to about 4400 on the original chain drive with a 17t front sprocket and a 42t rear sprocket. Check out LoRider's belt drive by clicking HERE.