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A few more shots of her life...

[bullet] Here's Sasha in one of her favorite positions...propping on the arm of the recliner. We've never figured out if she started doing this by mimicking us, or if it's a normal stance for a Poodle, but she did it nearly all of her life. Were ever she sat, she'd prop. If there's no chair arm nearby, she would prop on us. She was quite the ham...

[Sasha pic1]

[bullet] "Wake up, Daddy!!" is what Sasha seemly tried to tell me in the mornings. She had a very accurate internal clock, and knew when we should be getting up. She usually got up with Debbie, who rises first during the week, then would return to bed with me after having been up a few minutes. She'd "scoot" under the sheets and snuggle with me. Morning was her favorite time of day, and she had to run about, loving everyoneone in the house when they first get up. This is a photo taken around 1988, when Debbie and I lived in a small apartment in Wilson NC.

[Sasha pic1]

[bullet]The next photo on the right is Sasha performing her "Big Guard-dog" duties. She was an excellant alarm system...nothing could move on the property without her knowing. She also did double-duty as a squirel dog, chasing those little rascals from near our bird feeders. After one of her "chases", she'd prance back to the house as if she's saved the day once again. She would spend many hours during the summer on this porch with Debbie, watching the birds and generally enjoying the outdoors. This photo was taken around 1995.

[Sasha pic1]

[bullet]Here in this poor photo, you'll see Sasha romping in the big snow storm of 1996. It was the most snow Sasha had ever seen in her lifetime, and she loved playing in it. She would jump about, licking it up and sticking her nose down into it. She didn't seem to know quite what to think of it...

[bullet] MORE Sasha! C'mon to PAGE 4 of our poodle's life, and visit with BIKER SASHA!

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