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More about SASHA

A few more shots of her life...

[bullet] I was digging around in some old photos, and found this shot of her when she was just a pup...only a few months old. It was probably taken around late 1986. She had a bit of apricot color in her hair, but that grew out as she aged a bit. She was a truely precious baby! Her little butt "jacked up" in the air, she was ready to play on a moment's notice.

[Sasha pic1]

[bullet] Sasha was always one who loved Christmas, with it's bright lights and lots of paper to tear. On the left is a picture of her posing with the tree, as if awaiting the moment to open something.

[Sasha pic1]

[bullet] On the right is a picture of her doing what she enjoyed most about Christmas... tearing paper! Over the years, she had become so familiar with Christmas activities, that she'd jump right into the gift opening. She would watch the gifts under the tree all season, only smelling around, but never touching a single one. On Christmas day, though, she was ready!

[Sasha pic1]

[bullet] On the left is a picture of another one of Sasha's pastimes: snoozing!! She would lay in front of the fireplace in the winter, until her coat felt like it was about to burst into flames.

[bullet] MORE Sasha! C'mon to PAGE 3 of our poodle's life!

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