A little about myself...

[bullet] My name is Dave. I'm a 40-something year old native of Johnston County, having grown up near Clayton NC. I've worked for several pharmaceutical companies since 1980, including Merck and Company, Granutec, Bristol-Meyers, and Glaxo-SmithKline. I began my pharmaceutical career as a Startup Technician for new facilities and have moved up through the ranks of Electronics Technician, Instrument Technician, Maintenance Supervisor, [Dave pic] Engineering Technician, Associate Equipment Engineer, Equipment Engineer, and finally Senior Equipment Engineer. I was involved in the development of emerging technologies for application on the plant floor, with automation being one of my primary responsibilities.

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[bullet] My first occupational love is radio. I hold one of the old First Class Radiotelephone licenses. Due to changes within the FCC licensing program, it is now called a General Radiotelephone (GROL). In my younger days, I worked in several 2-way shops, owned a 2-way business, and owned a business repairing R/C equipment for hobbiests. I also hold an Extra-Class Amateur Radio License (Ham Radio), and have been licensed since 1974.

[bullet] I started riding motorcycles when I was in my early teens, and finally on the highway when I got my driver's license. I've always enjoyed building/hacking on bikes, and most always played in the 'underdog's position' by building/hacking/riding Metric and Brittish motorcycles...as opposed to riding the mainstream bikes, which were Harleys in my area. Over the years I've built a lot of modifications and trick parts for bikes. In 1998, a friend and I started Scootworks, a motorcycle accessory company specifically for metric motorcycles. We started the company with one single product of our own design, and it has grown from there. We began to hire like-minded people to help us with sales and shipping, while we were still holding down our full-time jobs, elsewhere. In the fall of 2003, I left my engineering position with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and threw myself into Scootworks on a full-time basis. Today (as of this writing on 12/20/04), Scootworks has a portfolio of about 100 products of our own, as well as thousands of motorcycle accessories manufactured by other companies in stock in our Zebulon NC store. I'm now working harder, and more hours, than ever before...but loving (most) every minute of it! :-)

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[bullet] My hobbies include building and flying R/C model aircraft, several facets of ham radio, customizing and riding my Vulcan motorcycle, customizing Debbie's Vulcan motorcycle, and dabbling in computers.

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