Aux. Passenger Pegs

[vulcan pic]

[bullet] Here's a picture of the Auxillary Pegs I mounted on my 800B. It makes it much more comfortable for the rider on long trips, to be able to move their legs about from time to time. This gives them an alternative position to rest their feet. Floorboards are probably better, but these are an inexpensive alternative.

[bullet] The parts list required was:

  • Chrome Footpeg Clevis w/hardware;Kuryakyn #8072
  • Large ISO-Pegs w/male mounts; Kuryakyn #8002

Installation is kinda tricky. I drilled through the frame member, in the location you see in the picture. This is a double wall tubular structure. I inserted the clevis mounting bolt through the frame from the inside, installed a LARGE THICK (approximately 2" in dia and 1/8" thick) washer on the outside to distribute the load across the frame structure, then screwed the clevis on top of the washer. This pedal is NOT intended to support the weight of the passenger, but rather provide an auxillary location for the passenger to place their feet. If you should need it to be a weight supporting structure, have a large plate fabricated from 1/8" stainless steel that will cover the frame member, and attach the clevis to that. Debbie was always aware of the fact that she should not stand on these peg, and therefore were not a problem in my installation.

Since this installation, there are now many alternatives for the comfort of your passenger. Floorboards, floorpeg offsets, mini-boards, peg lowering kits, etc...