Riser installation on the Frog

[vulcan pic]

[bullet] This is an older picture of the Frog in my driveway, after I added the risers. It's an old picture, but it allows you to better see the risers in place. It raised the handlebars and pulled them back enough that I no longer have the "mid-back" aches after riding. Much more comfortable!

[vulcan pic]

[bullet] This is a better picture of the risers after installation.

Riser Installation

[bullet] The following is how I installed my Risers:

[bullet] 1- The risers in the picture above are no longer available. The risers we now use are stronger, much beefier, and even less expensive. They are called 'Phatrisers II' , and they're available from www.scootworks.com. There are other sizes and versions of the 'Phatrisers', and you can see info about them in the previous links. These risers still allowed me to use all of my existing cables and hoses. I did have to loosen the cable clamps and ties so I could pull them up a little. I also rerouted the clutch cable around behind the triple tree, instead of in front, to give me a bit more length/slack.

[bullet] 2. I covered my gas tank with a towel. Then, I removed the handlebars from the stock clamps and placed them gently on the tank. I removed the stock handlebar clamps from the triple tree. I found it easier to access the bolts by removing the headlight/bracket from the lower triple tree plate.

[bullet] 3. I left the bolts in the new risers a little loose, and set the handlebars in place. The bars were then lightly secured with the top caps. I got on the bike, and pulled the bars to a position I liked, and tightened the top caps. Then, I tightened the bottom bolts on the risers, and double checked all of the bolts one more time.

[bullet] *NOTE* - I have now swapped my risers to 5 1/2" x 1" risers, and like the feel of them even more. Visit LoRidr's Risers to see her 5 1/2" x 1" riser installation info.